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His Training Approach

Karun Sharma believes that his training assignments are additionally aimed to effectively engage the participants towards achievement of desired training objectives. He makes efficient use of following techniques

  1. Accelerated Learning Technique by keeping focus on learner’s perspectives
  2. Audio-Visual aids to keep the participants engaged and interested
  3. Relevant Case Studies to drive home the point in more than one way
  4. Learning as individual and as Team to improve self-learning and appreciating interpretation
  5. Role Plays to help build confidence by living the role and appreciating others
  6. Creative Training Games-Learning influences indirectly and is found to be more operational
  7. Popular Anecdotes to confirm the point
  8. Frequent exercises to ensure learning & retention
  9. Input of each participant to ensure contact and pace with all
  10.  Time management to control the flow and focus
  11. Training delivery to be in simple words, interesting and unambiguous to ensure clarity
  12. Humour, Environment, Songs, Music and dynamic body movements-to considerably improve acceptability and likeability amongst audience participants.