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Productivity Improvement Related Training


With the global competition intensifying, countries and companies are looking at ways to improve productivity to stay competitive. The objective is to be able to produce products or services cheaper, better and faster.

While many in the workforce are worried that productivity means working harder and longer hours, the truth is exactly the opposite. Correct implementation of a productivity improvement programme eliminates non-value added work or waste, and hence frees up more time for workers to focus on value-added work. The outcome is getting more done within a shorter time, with lesser resources and better quality.

Mr. Karun H Sharma offers the following courses:

1. Improving housekeeping through 5-S implementation

2. Kaizen

3. Total Productivity Management (TPM)

4. Total Quality Management (TQM)

4. Root Cause Analysis

5. Enhancing Auditing Skill

6. Effective Communication

7. Auditing Behaviour at shop floor

8. Process Approach.